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Today’s Retirement Crisis

As we have assisted numerous families over the years, we have discovered that there is a very real retirement crisis occurring in this country that is wreaking havoc on families nationwide. The three main culprits include:

Inattention from advisors

Once a sale is made, most people rarely see their “advisor” much after that.

Incomplete conversations

The discussion usually centers around what the advisor sells versus all the areas needing attention.

Inaccurate information

Sometimes we hear stories of people being told the wrong information about tools and strategies.

The Four Pillars of Retirement™

“Every well-constructed building has strong support”

Our credentialed team has designed a signature financial planning process called The Four Pillars of RetirementTM . Based on Morgan’s popular book, Building a Better Retirement, this is a coordinated process to simplify and integrate all the important areas of our clients’ financial lives, including investing and income, risk management, estate planning and taxes. 

Pillar #1: Investing and Income

Make sure you never run out of income.

When you are concerned about creating consistent income in retirement, wild market volatility can quickly derail your plans and income needs, especially over the span of a 20-30-year retirement. Without proper planning, this can lead to one of the greatest fears facing today’s retirees—outliving your money. As such, our most essential responsibility to you and the first fundamental pillar of retirement is to create a reliable and consistent stream of income throughout retirement. We help you accomplish this by:

  • Creating an Income Plan - Knowing where your income is coming from and when you will access it through a written income plan provides a realistic expectation and roadmap for your income needs throughout multiple decades of retirement.
  • Maximizing Social Security - As the largest stream of income for most retirees, choosing a strategy to maximize your benefits can be a tremendous consideration to support your retirement income goals.
  • Ensuring Stability of Your Investment Income through our Complete Portfolio Investment Strategy allocates your savings into three different worlds of investments to balance your growth, liquidity and asset preservation needs.

Pillar #2: Risk Management

Avoid risks that could cause you to lose your hard-earned money.

As we look at putting your retirement house in order, we believe that there are certain risks that are often not worth taking, including those that can prove catastrophic to the longevity of your life savings, such as:

  • Losing money due to dramatic downturns in the stock market can be devastating to the amount of income or number of retirement years your savings can support.
  • Losing a pension without any backup plan when a spouse unexpectedly passes away could mean a dramatic change in quality of life.
  • Losing your life savings to a significant healthcare event for one or both spouses can also be disastrous, particularly for supporting the healthy spouse.
  • Losing your retirement savings due to living longer than you expected while needing help with activities of daily living.

Each of these areas threatens to deplete your savings prematurely if not addressed in your financial plan. As the second pillar to retirement planning, we will provide a 10-point assessment to help evaluate your longevity risk and then provide a proactive plan with coverage options to help properly manage these risks.

Pillar #3: Estate Planning

Be sure that those you love inherit your assets, not those you don’t love!

We have discovered that very few people actually have a clearly outlined estate plan for what happens to their possessions. Most of the time, the people we counsel mean well, but either they haven’t found the time to put any plans together, or they are just confused as to where to begin.

It is important to recognize that different assets move to different people in different ways; therefore, we treat estate planning as the third pillar of retirement. We provide the education you need to feel confident in your choices and create a plan that maximizes the value of your assets for the intended recipients.

To do this, we have created The Balanced Estate Planning Model to help identify the three main types of property that you own and the three main ways these assets can move when you pass away. By completing this exercise together, we can help ensure your things pass to the right folks—at the right time—in the right way.

Pillar #4: Taxes

Don’t pay more in taxes than is absolutely required.

The fourth and final pillar of retirement planning is taxes; because after all, it is not just what you make, but what you keep! Given the overwhelming national debt continuing to grow with interest, it is hard to deny that there is a very real possibility of tax increases during the next two to three decades and during your retirement. With this mounting tax bill paired with the confusion surrounding the IRS tax code, taxes have become a maze of complexity that is often tough to navigate.

As such, it is critical that we utilize as many specific and targeted strategies to keep more of your hard-earned money for you and your family. To get your retirement house in order, there is often more that is needed than simply using a quick computer software package to determine whether or not you get a refund on your 1040 Form this year. Our goal is to help you preserve your assets by offering advanced tax planning strategies that are used by businesses and non-profits but aren’t widely known or accessible by the general public.

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