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5 Unusual Year-End Tax Strategies for Investors

Taxpayers have any number of deductions and credits that they can take to reduce their tax burden, but those looking to get a break for their investing activities have a more limited menu of choices.

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Advisors Debate Short-Term Inflation Outlook, But Warn for Long-Term Impact

Inflation is currently tame, and with a few exceptions, there’s little indication it will rise anytime soon.

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How Housing and Job Numbers Could Affect the Stock Market and Your Money

Investors should look for the impact of new housing and jobs reports on the stock market and their money in the coming week, experts say...

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Advisors Weigh How Hard to Push Clients to Donate to Charities Now 

For advisors, one of the joys of their work is helping clients gain fulfillment from charitable giving. Guiding individuals to donate to worthy causes creates a win-win that leaves everyone feeling good... 

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Take Advantage of this Smart Way to Save Money on Taxes, Says CPA - You Have Until July 15th 

This week normally would be the deadline to file your federal taxes, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year you have until July 15 to file and pay your federal income taxes...

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